Software Download:

  1. SRRS (Stepwise Response Refinement Screener)
    Authors: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa and Shu-Ching Lin
    Required Software: R Version 3.0 or higher
    Most Updated Version: 0.1 (2013/08/05)
    License: GPL-2
    [Download Link]

Design of Experiments Download:

  1. Supersaturated Designs (SSD)
    [Download Page]

  2. Circulant Partial Hadamard Matrix (CPHM)
    [Download Page]

  3. Circulant (Almost-)Orthogonal Arrays (CAOA)
    [Download Page]

  4. Latin Hypercube Designs (LHD)
    [Download Page]

  5. Higher Index Covering Array (HICA)
    [Download Page]